Bat Wing Rigged

3D Model Bat Wing Rigged
Download Bat Wing Rigged 3D Model
by Sephius

Very beautifull Bat 3d model with Fully rigging system, textures and materials

Preview eendered with finalrender.
Rigged with bones, cloth and flex (for membranes).
Skined with normal Skin modiffier
Included simple animation for exemple
Textures include: Normal, alpha, bump, difuse, glossness, spec color, spec level, sub surface scartering
All textures size 1024x1024.
All textures in hires (4000x3000) and low res (1500x1125)
Materials produced with finalrender. If necessary I can reproduce the materials in vray according to demand.

Available in MAX, 3DS, FBX and OBJ file.

bat, wing, dark, dragon, monster, crippy